What our customers say...

  • It was the trip of a lifetime – so many highs and wonderful memories had. Ants and Marley and the local team organised everything to perfection and all with a  smile and warmth. I can not recommend anyone more to do this trip, or another trip, with them. It gives me so much pleasure remembering all the days of adventure we had. I want to go back! DSC00923
  • A very balanced vacation with excellent preparation. Although the roads were challenging at times, the bikes were ideal. Tajikistan is a great country, particularly impressive where the wide-open valleys border Afghanistan. I loved the ever-changing scenery and skies, and the fact that 2 weeks felt like so much longer thanks to the number of experiences. A wonderful experience and I'm so happy that I did it!Michael G Redux  
    Michael G, Germany
  • Normally an independent traveller, this was the first time I'd entrusted my holiday to someone else. I haven't regretted it for a minute. No amount of independent research could have provided the local knowledge, attention to detail, excellent accommodation and food, back-up and the interesting itinerary that resulted in the incredible trip I've just had. An absolutely fantastic trip, I enjoyed all of it; bikes, yurts, crashes, the lot. Thoroughly enjoyed the lot! Just when you felt it couldn't get better, Edge provided real French coffee, more superb food, local music and an unforgettable night in a yak-herder's yurt. One superlative followed another. Would I go again? In a heartbeat, yes.

    Andy Clark Redux
    Andy, UK
  • What a terrific time!

    Congratulations on a masterfully managed adventure. I was impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail of Edge Expeditions The local people were incredibly friendly and welcoming, the food healthy and copious, the accommodation always gladly provided

    Peaceful, reflective and timeless - recommended.

    Michael Howell redux

    Michael, UK
  • Without question, this expedition was one of the best things I have ever done. I knew it was going to be something different but I had no idea that how much better it was going to be than I had ever dared hope. Everything beautifully organised but not so obviously that it ever detracted from the huge sense of adventure. It is almost impossible to describe the thrill of riding a motorcycle on unmade roads in a landscape as achingly beautiful as that. It felt like we were riding at the edge of the world one moment and then on the roof the world the next.  I hate to use the word, but ‘awesome’ is exactly what it was! All made even better by riding with such an amazing bunch of people. There is nothing quite like sharing an adventure like this for making what I hope and trust will be friends for life. And none of it would have been possible without the drive and determination of our wonderful expedition leaders, Ants and Marley, not to mention their total unflappability, incredible patience and unfailing good humour. You could not ask for a better crew. I can’t wait for the next adventure DSC00852
    David, UK
  • Wow, from the first email to our detailed daily itinerary before we arrived Edge Expeditions had all bases covered. It was an extremely well run and enjoyable trip with endless wonderful panoramas and empty trails. The support team were brilliant and we all felt safe in their hands. There were belly laughs galore and new friends made… Marley and Ants have nailed it… 10/10. I’m will definitely be back on another adventure with Edge Expeditions!! IMG_4854
    Graeme, Scotland
  • Where do I start? There was the fantastic camaraderie, the astonishing and ever-changing scenery and topography, the epic sense of journey and of course the wonderful people, who rushed in from the fields to wave and shout ‘Salaam’ as we passed. I loved the fact that every day was so different – that we rode from chilly high altitude desert to searingly hot valleys. I’d never done anything like this before and I can’t wait to do something similar with Edge again IMG_6708
    Adam, London
  • Thank you both so very much for planning and executing such a wonderful expedition IMG_4843
    Sir Charles, UK
  • Bloody great. Your organisation was superb, it went seamlessly. I could honestly say it was faultless
  • You enabled me to fulfill a dream I have had for close to 10 years. Amazing, epic trip. I can think of no criticism at all, honestly. I felt like I was part riding buddy and part guest with you and your crew. Truly amazing balance. I hope to travel with you again one day in the not too distant future. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
    Scott, Georgia USA